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Scholarships in Australia

Highlights for Scholarships in Australia

  • Easy-to-apply scholarships available in Australia

  • The amount of scholarship can go up to 60,000 AUD

  • Scholarships available for all types of degrees or programs

  • Australian government-based scholarships

  • Australian universities-based scholarships

  • 3 years of post-study work permit

  • Tuition fee is covered in need-based and merit-based scholarships

  • Some scholarships cover full tuition fees


Scholarships in Australia

Do you know why Australia is the best country when we talk about studying overseas? There are many reasons why millions of students from various parts of the world try to grab the opportunity to study in Australia. The nation provides the best support to international students when it comes to completing their higher studies in Australia. Quality education, expert faculty, and excellent student life are some traits of studying in Australia. Apart from that, the nation has a wide range of courses to offer depending on a particular field. Moreover, students also receive greater opportunities to carry out research work.

Not only this, but even this country also lets international students enjoy a wide range of perks for employment opportunities. They can work while pursuing their studies in Australia. But you need to consider the cost of studying in Australia regardless of the degree or program you choose. Bearing the expenses for Australian study is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many students want to study in Australia, but they are unable to afford their dreams. This is why some students lose their hopes of bringing professionalism to their careers by studying in Australia.

But there is nothing to worry about fulfilling the financial requirements while studying any educational program in your favorite nation. For those who are unable to afford their education in Australia or who are extremely bright in their academics, scholarships are offered in Australia. There is a wide range of scholarship options students can receive when they are thinking of carrying out their studies in Australia. Scholarships are an easy and the best way to manage the high cost of studying in Australia.

Different types of scholarships are offered to students by the government, universities, institutions, and colleges in Australia. The assessment of a scholarship is done on the basis of merit, needs, grants, etc. There may be a particular selection criterion for a specific scholarship in Australia. Depending upon the degree and academic profile, an international student can receive a scholarship of up to 60,000 AUD. These scholarships cover tuition fees that may range from half to full; conditions may vary.

Undoubtedly, some scholarships in Australia also cover the cost of transportation, living expenses, study material, and accommodation. Many universities also provide a bi-monthly stipend or a contribution to the cost of living in Australia. Most Australian universities provide scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are grants and scholarships, which are all funded by the university itself. It is also true that some scholarships are run by private organizations in Australia, which unite with Australian universities to provide a better level of education to international students at an affordable cost.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

As there are different scholarships available in Australia, it means that the eligibility criteria may be different. But it is important to know that there is no particular criterion for applying to any scholarship offered by a particular awarding organization in Australia. You must know the conditions to fulfill are set by a scholarship awarding organization. Eligibility conditions may vary from university to university or government in Australia. Make sure you know that the deadlines for applying for a scholarship in Australia are time bound. If you want to apply for any kind of scholarship in Australia, then you must keep an eye on the latest updates provided by a scholarship awarding organization in Australia.

To meet the eligibility criterion for a scholarship in Australia,

  • A student must not be a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  • He/she must be a citizen or resident of other nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
  • He/she must be 18 years old.
  • He or she must have a good academic record
  • He or she must be capable of entering the desired university or college in Australia
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As there is no particular thumb rule to getting a financial award in Australia, Australian universities may evaluate the profile of a candidate on the basis of English language proficiency test scores if he/she comes from an international country like India. As there are different English language proficiency tests available, you must check out the official website of a particular university in Australia and get to know about the eligible test for granting a scholarship.

But the process of applying for any kind of scholarship, either government-based or university-based, in Australia seems challenging and difficult for international students. Sometimes, they do not get the right path, which may obstruct their direction to fund their education in Australia with the aid of scholarships. So, there is nothing to worry about becoming eligible for any scholarship in Australia; with proper understanding and knowledge, we at GoAustralia can create a pathway for you. You must contact our GoAustralia scholarship team, who can guide you and take you toward higher chances of granting a scholarship by meeting the necessary eligibility criteria.

Scholarships in Australia
Scholarships in Australia

How do I apply?

Now, coming to the next thing, how to apply for a scholarship in Australia is an important factor. Most students want to know if there is a particular application procedure when it comes to applying for a scholarship in Australia. Similarly to the eligibility criteria for scholarships in Australia, there is no common rule for applying for any scholarship, either merit-based or need-based, run by private and public educational centers. Some universities demand you to submit several documents as a part of the application procedure for a scholarship. Depending on the university in Australia, the application procedure may vary. Here is a list of some documents that you may or may not need to submit to any university when you are thinking of applying for a scholarship or grant to fund your education in Australia. Let’s look at them:

  • Genuine copies of birth certificates, college transcripts, educational certificates, etc. English translations may also be required if needed
  • Legal proof of citizenship to a particular country
  • A nicely-written CV, which will clearly define the work history, achievements, and responsibilities of an applicant
  • A copy of English language proficiency test results and that too must be valid

Apart from that, there may be some other requirements you need to fulfill when it comes to getting approval for a scholarship in Australia. Scholarships can give an easy and fast way of funding your higher studies in Australia, irrespective of the university. At GoAustralia, you can seek professional help. We are capable of understanding the requirements of a specific university or institution in Australia regarding scholarships or other kinds of grants. After knowing the requirements, we prepare the profile of an applicant accordingly to reduce the chances of denial. This is how our scholarship team, using their years of experience and diligence, helps students from a variety of academic profiles and backgrounds to start their education in Australia with the best scholarship option in Australia.

Scholarships for Masters in Australia

The popularity of Australia as a study-abroad destination is backed by the fact that international students can receive fully-funded postgraduate scholarships. These scholarships range from government programs and charity schemes to scholarships provided by universities in Australia. Here is the list of scholarships available for masters for overseas students in Australia.

  • Australia Awards
  • Destination Australia
  • The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Research Training Program Scholarships
  • Australian-American Fulbright Commission scholarships
  • Postgraduate scholarships at Australian universities

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Australia Awards

These are a flagship international scholarship scheme funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT’) in Australia. Under this scholarship, students who are eligible to do masters in Australia receive fully-waiver of the tuition fees. This fully-funded scholarship package is designed for international students from countries such as the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Region. Apart from a tuition fee waiver, an applicant will get travel expenses, an initial establishment grant of 5,000 AUD, a fortnightly maintenance stipend of 30,000 AUD per year, a Student Services and Amenities Fee, and Overseas Student Health Cover.

Destination Australia

This scholarship is funded by the Australian Department of Education. Under this scholarship program, international students will get a chance to study in regional Australia (outside of the major cities of Australia). This scholarship is worth 15,000 AUD per year for the duration of a particular master’s course. One can take the assistance of experts at GoAustralia to learn about the list of regional universities and campuses in Australia where this scholarship is available.

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The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for UK students, and it is awarded by the Northcote Trust and administered on behalf of the Trust by the Britain-Australia Society.

Research Training Program Scholarships

RTP scholarships are funded by the government of Australia. Every year, the Australian Government funds those students who are talented and want to do postgraduate research. This funding is provided to Australian universities so that they can support students who want to enroll in research masters courses as well as PhDs. There are 3 types of RTP scholarships provided such as RTP Fees Offset (covers the tuition fees), RTP Allowance (covers sundry expenses of your degree like health cover and thesis printing), and RTP Stipend (a fortnightly sum to cover the cost of living and it is tax-free). For more details, you can talk to our scholarship team, who handles various kinds of scholarships in Australia.

Australian-American Fulbright Commission scholarships

These scholarships are designed for postgraduate students coming from the USA. USA students can study for a master’s degree at any of the Australian universities. Under this scholarship, they are eligible to get a monthly stipend for up to ten months, travel expenses, healthcare insurance, and networking opportunities via Fulbright Alumni.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Australian Universities

The most popular scholarship offered in Australia is university scholarships. Top-rated universities in Australia are interested in recruiting promising international postgraduates. This is how they offer university scholarships for master's applicants. Almost every university has different eligibility criteria when it comes to university scholarships in Australia. To get more details about university scholarships, it is always recommended to visit the official website of a particular Australian university. Apart from that, GoAustralia can do the work on your behalf and let you understand the procedure carefully.

Some other popular scholarships available for masters studies in Australia:

  • Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships valued at 30,000 AUD for a 21-month master’s program and 20,000 AUD for a 12-month masters degree
  • Deakin University Scholarships will provide a stipend of 28,600 AUD per year, health insurance, and a relocation allowance from 500 AUD to 1,500 AUD
  • Melbourne Research Scholarship provides different aids like living allowance, health cover, relocation grant, and a waiver of the full fee
  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship gives a complete or 50% waiver off the total tuition
  • Charles Darwin University Scholarships

Below is the list of scholarships for Master’s in Australia; check it out:




Merit-based Australia Awards Variable
Merit-based Destination Australia 11,070 AUD
Merit-based Research Training Program Scholarships Variable
Need-based Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships 30,000 AUD (21-months program); 20,000 AUD (12-months program)
Merit-based Deakin University Scholarships 28,600 AUD
Merit-based Melbourne Research Scholarship 67,744 AUD
Merit-based Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship Variable
Merit-based Charles Darwin University Scholarships Variable

Scholarships for MBA in Australia

Are you keen to study for an MBA in Australia? If yes, then you must know the cost of different MBA programs available at different Australian universities. After knowing the cost, you can easily prepare the budget. If you are the one who is good at academics and has a great performance in the previous study, then there is a good option for you. There are scholarships for MBA aspirants in Australia. These scholarships for MBA are also designed for those brighter students who want to be MBA graduates from a reputed Australian university but do not have sufficient funds to manage the cost. Here comes the role of MBA scholarships for international students in Australia.

Both the Australian government and universities or educational centers provide many options for scholarships for international students. There are many grants, scholarships, and bursaries offered by the Australian government as well as universities. This is how international students will get the financial independence to study for an MBA program in Australia. Getting a scholarship for an MBA program in Australia is very easy; you just need to meet the eligibility conditions. Check out the official websites of universities offering scholarship programs for MBA aspirants so that you can easily apply for a scholarship in Australia.

Different requirements you need to meet to become an eligible candidate for a scholarship program for MBA in Australia are mentioned below:

  • You must have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of more than 65% from a government-approved university with a business major.
  • You must have a valid GMAT and GRE score, which has a great impact on the approval of a scholarship.
  • You must submit two LORs from trusted professors from your previous educational center.
  • You must have a valid proof of English language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL with the eligible scores.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience

If you need guidance for any MBA scholarship program, talk to our experts at GoAustralia. Check out the highlights of scholarships for MBA aspirants offered by different universities and government-owned centers in Australia:

  • Kraft Heinz Scholarship is offered to part-time and full-time MBA graduates and the value of this scholarship is 12,000 AUD
  • Monash MBA International Women in Leadership Scholarship is awarded to women with the only eligibility criterion that she must be a female international student. She will receive 10,000 AUD as a part of the scholarship
  • MBS Scholarship is awarded to a full-time MBA applicant. The value of this scholarship differs based on the MBA course choice and the financial condition of an applicant
  • The Adelaide MBA Scholarship by the University of Adelaide is a popular scholarship offered by B Schools in Australia. You will receive 10% to 100% of the tuition fees
  • UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship is applicable for all kinds of master's programs, most preferably for an MBA program. An applicant will receive 30% of the course fees

Scholarships for Bachelors in Australia

Several students want to start their undergraduate studies in Australia. This is why they start looking for the best Australian university where they can pursue their undergraduate education in a respective field. Of course, the cost of undergraduate study in Australia is too high. This is why scholarships come to the rescue of international students who want to study for a bachelor’s program in Australia. A number of universities offer scholarships for undergraduate students coming from different countries. Here is the list of some scholarships for bachelor’s students:

  • Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship covers the entire tuition fee or 50% in some cases, depending on the conditions
  • Charles Darwin University Scholarship provides fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships
  • Griffith University also provides fully funded and partially funded scholarships
  • Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship for undergraduate students provides fully-funded aid. It will cover the amount of 2,500 AUD per year
  • Bond University Scholarships are only designed for undergraduate programs. Under this program, 50% of the tuition fees are waived
  • Macquarie University Scholarship is made for undergraduate students. This scholarship program covers an average amount of 10,000 AUD
  • Southern Cross University Scholarship provides a waiver of 5,000 AUD per year to bachelor’s students

Are you ready to apply for a scholarship for an undergraduate degree in Australia? If yes, then, we are here to help you with everything right from meeting the eligibility criteria to getting the approval.




Merit-based Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship 28,600 AUD
Merit-based Charles Darwin University Scholarship Variable
Merit-based Griffith University 1,994 AUD
Need-based Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship 38,000 AUD

Scholarships for Doctorate in Australia

Do you want to pursue a post-doctoral degree in Australia? As these are higher studies, you need to pay too many expenses. This is why scholarships are the best option to consider when you want to study for a doctoral degree in Australia. Some scholarships designed for doctoral degrees in Australia are mentioned below:

  • Griffith University Scholarships provide aid to Ph.D. or post-doctoral students by giving them either partially-funded or fully-funded scholarships
  • Monash University offers scholarships for doctoral research studies covering annual living allowance (35,600 AUD), relocation allowance (550 AUD), and research allowance (1,500 AUD) per year
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships are designed for doctoral research studies covering a living allowance of 31,200 AUD per year, a Relocation Grant, Overseas Student Health Cover Single Membership, and a Full Fee Offset.

At GoAustralia, the scholarship team can handle all your queries related to the eligibility of scholarships for doctorate degrees in Australia.

Here is the list of scholarships for doctorate degrees in Australia:




Merit-based Griffith University 28,854 AUD
Merit-based Melbourne Research Scholarships 67,744 AUD
Merit-based Southern Cross University 28,092 AUD

You can get assistance from GoAustralia consultants to help you with obtaining the scholarships. Our experts can guide you through getting a 100% scholarship for your desired course at your desired university

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How do scholarships help to study in Australia?

Having scholarships means covering full tuition costs and some of them cover your entire stay while you study in Australia. The majority of Australian universities offer merit-based and need-based scholarships. This scholarship is one payment that covers all the major expenses.

What are the different scholarships available in Australia?

For Indian students, there are countless scholarships available. These scholarships are for brilliant students who wish to stay even after their qualification is complete. Some of the scholarships are

1. Edith Cowan University Scholarship

2. Australian Government Research Training Program

3. Griffith University Academic Scholarship

4. Australian Awards Scholarships

5. University of Newcastle Excellence Scholarship

6. Deakin University Scholarship

7. Victoria University Scholarship

8. Destination Australia Scholarship

How to apply for a scholarship in Australia?

When you are submitting your admission application you must apply for the scholarship then. Different universities have different criteria.

1. First of all, find the scholarship you are eligible for

2. Check the dates and other details

3. Fill in the application

Make sure that you apply early as scholarships are of limited funding. Your chance will be increased if you apply as early as possible.

Is it possible to get a scholarship in 2022?

There are fully funded scholarships available for Indian students in 2023. If you are a graduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. student then you must provide the receipt of travel allowance, living cost, and tuition fee. All the major universities award their foreign students with fully funded scholarships.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting scholarships in Australia?

If you are having some achievements and great academic scores you have a pretty good chance to be eligible for scholarships offered by Australian universities. To get scholarships you also need to maintain a great GPA score. Brilliant students are rewarded and major universities are never out of funds to reward foreign students.

Which Australian university has the most scholarships?

The highest number of fully funded and other scholarships is provided by the University of Melbourne. The university provides scholarships to both national and international students. These scholarships are available for doctoral, masters, and bachelor's programs.

Are there significant scholarships available for international students?

Yes, there are some grants and scholarships which are only eligible for particular subjects. Today there are many advanced courses for which exclusively scholarships are available. They are provided to both masters and higher-level degree programs in Australia. You must check the website of the university to see if you are eligible for this type of scholarship or not.

What are merit-based scholarships?

You are an international student in Australia and if you are enrolling in any university program you are eligible for a merit-based scholarship. There are many factors on which merit-based scholarship is based. The majority of them require an excellent academic score to be eligible.

What are the documents required to get an Australian scholarship?

These are the documents that you will need to submit at the time of admission. The most trustworthy source to check all the requirements for scholarships is the website of the university you wish to apply to.

1. You must not be a resident of Australia

2. Applicant must be 18 or above

3. English language score required IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 78 PTE 58

4. Must meet the Australian visa requirements

5. Must have an admission letter from an Australian university

There may be other documents that you need to submit. Read the instructions carefully on the website.

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